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Punch of Creativity Introduces The

Pregnancy Brain Challenge© Game/Gift

Refreshing and Memorable New Baby Shower Game

(Atlanta/Austin - Feb. 23, 2010) - Planning a baby shower? Tired of the same old baby shower games? Can’t wait to be done with them so you can eat or watch the Mom-To-Be open gifts? Consider the Pregnancy Brain Challenge© by A Punch of Creativity if you want to create a memorable moment that is unique and meaningful for any Mom-To-Be. Not an inch of the game goes to waste as it quadruples as a game, keepsake gift, storage container and you can use the game pieces for décor. You can also just present it as a gift that will unlikely be duplicated or exchanged for something else.

What is Pregnancy Brain? Pregnancy Brain is when a Mom-To-Be seems to have lost her memory or clarity in thinking. She often blames it on the baby taking her brain cells while it’s growing inside of her. What better time to play personal trivia with a Mom-To-Be than while she’s suffering from Pregnancy Brain!

What is the Pregnancy Brain Challenge© Game/Gift?

Delivered in a matte silver tin with a clear window on top, you can choose from 10, 15, 20, or 25 white Onesies with dates and their meanings, personalized to reflect the life of the Mom-To-Be. The gift-giver or baby shower planner identifies important events and dates in the new parents’ lives. If ordering a set of 10, at least 10 dates and their meanings must be provided to develop the game, and so on for 15, 20 and 25. For example, the front of the Onesie would read: 6.20.1968, and just below it would read: The Day My Mommy Was Born, or 4.16.2007, My Big Sister Sophia’s Birthday. All messages are written from the new baby’s perspective.


During the game at the baby shower, all of the Onesies should be distributed to the guests to read only the date out loud to the Mom-To-Be. She then has to guess the significance of the date. Not only does it challenge her “pregnancy brain”, it takes her down memory lane to all the moments that have brought her to this point in time. Ultimately, whether she guesses correctly or not, she’s left with a large quantity of personalized Onesies, a memorable moment during her baby shower, a quality container to use for storage, and keepsake Onesies she and the family will get to see on the baby for months to come.

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