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Moments To Remember Keepsake© Quilt For

Wall Hanging Or Useable Quilt

What better way to tell the story of a life than one moment at a time by imprinting those moments

on one quilt square at a time.

Perfect for:

  • Bridal Showers
  • Baby Showers
  • Family Reunions (heritage quilts)
  • Milestone Birthdays
  • Milestone Anniversaries
  • Corporate Team Building Events

Give this gift when you want to show someone you really know and love them. Finished item sizes are approximate. Choose from 12 (20" x 15"), 24 (20" x 30"), 35 (30"X25") or 49 (35"X35") 5" muslin quilt squares to design your own framed, hanging or usable quilt reflecting important dates or images (photos and graphics are extra) in the life of the recipient or family.

For family reunions, families can come together and determine their family's memorable moments that they want to include on a Moments To Remember Keepsake© Quilt for the family. Not only can it be framed, hung as a wall hanging or be used to keep someone in the family warm, it will become a snapshot of the family, and an heirloom to be passed down for generations to come.

Consider revisiting your own baby book and document your life's significant moments in a quilt for others to enjoy for years to come. Each square is designed separately with the content you provide.

Use the Moments to Remember Keepsake© Quilt squares to present the gift in squares by presenting it as a trivia game at a special event. Have several people read off the date and have the recipient guess what the date means, then present them the squares. (You'll have to capture the dates secretively for the ultimate surprise.) 

By the end of the presentation, they will have all the components to make a wall hanging of critical dates in their lives. Have a local quilt-maker put it together, or send it back to us for an additional fee which is listed on the order page. Photos and graphics are an additional $5.00 each.

Quilting Details

If you choose to have us quilt your quilt squares, it will include sewing together the squares in an attractive design, sashing with a color of your choice (pink, blue, brown, white or other) batting, and binding.

24-Quilt Square Example With Pink Sashing

Example Messages

  • 8.8.2006

The Day We Found Out You Existed

  • 10.8.2007

The First Time You Ate Solid Food (Peas)

  • 11.30.2008

The First Time You Said “I Love You”

  • 8.21.2007

First Time On An Airplane (Seattle)

  • 6.9.2007

Your First Celebrity Meeting

  • 7.10.2008

Your First Visit To The Dentist

  • 9.7.2006

The Day We First Heard Your Heart Beat

  • 2.2.2008

The Day You Took Your First Two Steps

  • 9.24.2006

The First Time You Kicked

  • 7.17.2006

The Day You Were Created

  • 2.27.2007

They Day You Got Your First Tooth

  • 5.20.2007

Your First Smile

  • 8.21.2008

The Day You First Used The Potty

  • 9.2008

The First Song You Sang: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

  • 10.11.2007

The Day You Perfected Sitting Up

  • 9.9.2008

Your First Day At Preschool

  • 10.19.2008

When You First Began Speaking In Sentences

  • 7.19.2007

The First Time You Rolled Over

  • 8.30.2008

Your First Trip Out Of The United States

(Victoria, Canada)

  • 8.13.2006

The Day We Picked Out Your Name

  • 11.28.2006

The Day We Found We Found Out Girl

  • 2.20.2008

The Day You Started To Walk

  • 10.6.2006

The Day You Started Crawling

  • 4.16.2007

(child's first, middle, last name)

day of week; time

weight, height

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