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Pregnancy Brain Challenge©Game/Gift

It's an extraordinary game and gift that is guaranteed to surprise and delight the recipient. It's really the only Baby Shower Game you'll have to play! It’s clever, meaningful and more than memorable. It’s a compilation of a “multitude of moments” the recipient will never forget! The game doubles as a gift because after the game is over, she’s left with 10+ personalized, one-of-a-kind baby Onesies that she can actually use! They also become keepsakes for the baby.

What is Pregnancy Brain? Pregnancy Brain is when a Mom-To-Be seems to have lost her memory or clarity in thinking. She often blames it on the baby taking her brain cells while it’s growing inside of her. What better time to play personal trivia with a Mom-To-Be than while she’s suffering from Pregnancy Brain!

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For bridal showers, family reunions or milestone celebrations, consider the Moments to Remember Keepsake© Quilt. You can play that as a game too!


1. The baby shower organizer or gift giver identifies 10-25 significant dates (depending on which set you purchase) and their corresponding meanings for the Mom-To-Be/Father-To-Be and the family. Their personal information is then printed on the Onesies packaged in a beautiful tin box.

2. The organizer or gift giver announces the game by name (Pregnancy Brain Challenge©) and enlists the rest of the guests to participate in the game/giving of the gift. You hand out the imprinted items that have the date and its meaning to the guests. Make sure that the guest/guests of honor DO NOT SEE the front of the item with the information on it.

3. One at a time, only the dates are read out loud to the guest/guests-of-honor. After each date is read out loud, the guest-of-honor has 30 seconds to guess the meaning of the date by using her “pregnancy brain”. You can also ask if they want to elaborate or share anything about the event listed. Even if she does not guess correctly, you give her the Onesies after each guess.

Friends and family will anticipate the unveiling of each date to learn more about the guest-of-honor and his/her family. It's also fun to see the recipient’s reaction to the event that’s listed and will undoubtedly spark little stories and insights about his or her life. It will bring back a flood of great memories for the guest-of-honor that has gotten them to where they are at this moment in life.

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