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"So the baby shower went great and The pregnancy brain challenge game was a hit to the baby shower!!! As soon as they read the first onesie, my sister began to cry, well i can say everyone started to cry, even me =) . The only thing was that I gave you the wrong year on the My Uncle Billy's Onesie it was suppose to be 1992 not 1922 LOL but everyone laughed. That's my mistake though. My sister loved the game. She "like" your face book page and I did also. Thank you so much! I attached some pictures i will send you some of when we played the game as soon as I get them. =)"
 -Jessica M.
"I (and I think everyone else at the shower) absolutely loved the Pregnancy Brain Challenge!  I have attended many baby showers and the game was a fresh idea and exciting to play.  What a wonderful way to bring back memories for the "Expectant Mom-To-Be".  The game made my sister so happy she was almost in tears. The Onesies provided her with multiple keepsakes for both herself and the baby! The Pregnancy Brain Challenge is a "must" play game at all Baby Showers." 
"The Pregnancy Brain Challenge game was a huge success at my best friend's baby shower.  The ladies, who attended, were all engaged and could not wait for the next date to be revealed and to hear LeMonica answer and reaction to the correct answer and wording on the baby keep sake item. All of the baby keep sake items were perfect choices and would be put to use by any Mom, immediately.  I think using Onesies, bibs & cloth diapers, all things a Mommy must have is a bonus!!  Thanks for sharing this game with us and I look forward to working with you again."
         -Event Planner
“Punch Of Creativity’s Pregnancy Brain Challenge almost brought tears to my eyes.  It was so unique and special.  I had no idea why I had to provide all of those dates when only I would know the answers. I never expected to get such a custom and unique gift. I love this product and idea. I want to bless someone else at the next shower I attend with this unique gift because this gift truly blessed us!  I can’t wait for my son to begin wearing the Onesies! I am even having a shirt made for my 3 year old with the date his little brother arrives!”
"The Pregnancy Brain Challenge is the perfect baby shower game.  Not only is it a great conversation starter, but it’s better than the typical shower game because it’s completely unique and personalized for you and your family.  Each Onesie had a date that was significant in the development of me and my husband’s relationship with our family, so it was great to remember those special times in our lives as we prepared for the birth of our son. Plus, it’s the gift that keeps on giving!  He’s still able to wear the Onesies, and every time he puts one on I can’t help but smile.”
          -New Mom
"As a mom with a toddler and a baby on the way, my husband and I desperately needed to get our house in order. A Punch of Creativity found creative and budget-friendly solutions for everything we needed. She conceptualized and designed both my daughter and son’s rooms. They helped me locate key pieces that were within my price range and supervised the entire process. Additionally, in a few hours she was able to reorganize my entire kitchen – finding function that I never knew I had within a relatively small space. On top of this they were able to stage our living and dining room areas – rearranging what we already have to improve the flow and make those spaces more inviting. All-in-all, the transformation of our home has been both beautiful and practical!"
             - Rachelle G.
“Punch of Creativity's founder's creative flair is ingenious--I WISH I had her natural ability!  The things she can do with what you already have in your home is amazing.  She’s made so many changes in my home that haven’t cost a dime!  They helped me organize my kitchen in a way I never thought of, and the changes were so simple.  The fact that she loves entertaining shows in her planning.  She’s very attentive to her guests needs and what they’d like in an event as opposed to hosting an event simply from her viewpoint.  I can’t say enough about her, her skills and her natural talent.  You won’t get the care and quality she provides from anywhere or anyone else."
            - Linda V.
"Punch of Creativity helped me transform two upstairs rooms we were using for storage into two very workable and livable spaces.  With their guidance, we were able to maximize our existing space to create a warm and inviting guest/office room and my three-year old daughter's first "big-girl" bedroom.  With advice on paint colors and technique (painting the ceilings the same color to make the rooms look even bigger!), and advising us on furniture placement and décor, our second floor has become coveted daily living space.   The best part, with Punch of Creativity's creative eye, we were able to see the possibilities with our existing furniture and accessories and saved money by utilizing what we already owned."
             - Marnie Z.
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